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29th Annual Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival

October 16 - 26

Spanning across two weekends, this year’s Festival will unfurl, once again, the finest in LGBT film and video, sharing works that are brand new, historical, and essential.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Andy Warhol’s SAN DIEGO SURF

October 21

A recent restoration of Andy Warhol’s 1968 feature, a Californian follow-up to his Lonesome Cowboys. Or, that is to say, a film about surfers in the way the early film was about cowboys, with Viva and Taylor Mead.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle’s GOODBYE GAULEY MOUNTAIN: AN ECOSEXUAL LOVE STORY

October 22

A documentary about the ecological devastation of the coal industry’s mountain top removal program and the performance and queer arts strategies of the ecosexualists intervening to confront it.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Abdellah Taīa’s SALVATION ARMY (L’armée du Salut)

October 23

A poetic, beautifully observed series of vignettes depicting the coming of age of a Moroccan gay man, a story of one boy’s emergence into self and also into exile.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Radley Metzger’s SCORE

October 23

A historical sexploitation film about same sex spousal swapping on the French Riviera, celebrated for its unfettered bisexuality.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: NOT, LIKE, A LIFETIME MOVIE MOMENT: An Evening of Men’s Shorts​

October 24

Rachet poets; cinephilic go-betweens; fan fiction writers; horror movie fans coated in fake blood; one particularly annoying elephant; and more in this evening of shorts films and videos.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Madeleine Olnek’s THE FOXY MERKINS

October 24

Lively, unstoppingly funny absurdist comedy that skewers conventional cinematic depictions of sex work, especially gay male depictions (the film parodistically riffs off My Own Private Idaho, for starters.) Lead actor and co-screenwriter Lisa Haas in attendance!


October 24

A special return visit of this engaging, intimate documentary that follows pioneering gender outlaw Kate Bornstein as she tours the country.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: CATEGORICAL REFUTATION: An Evening of Trans* Shorts

October 25

Definitions claimed and ignored in this energetic conflation of characters engaging with disclosure, athletics, dating, postmodernism, robots (possibly), mothers, trans* history, and a bling bedecked walker as vehicles for getting where and who you need to be.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Daniel Ribeiro’s THE WAY HE LOOKS (Hoje Eu Quero Sozinho)

October 25

A beguilingly sweet story of high school romance centered on the resourceful and sturdy Leonardo, who always has to negotiate bullies and overprotective parents overly worried about how their blind son negotiates the world. But Leonardo has being blind down: it is his crush on new student Gabriel that confounds him.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Nejc Gazvoda’s DUAL (Dvojina)

October 25

A madcap tale of two women and their impromptu night-long excursion.The film weaves gravity within its whimsy, mapping, ultimately, a more general portrait of the twenty-somethings emerging from today’s economically embattled Europe, a generation lost, maybe, or perhaps defiantly adrift.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: blair dorosh-walther’s OUT IN THE NIGHT

October 25

A powerful documentary about racial injustice chronicling – and assiduously contextualizing – the 2006 case of seven African-American lesbians who were labeled “lesbian gang members” and who were eventually given severe prison sentences all for defending their friend after she was sexually harassed on the street.

LGBT Film/Video Festival Closing Night: 52 Tuesdays

October 26

A year of Tuesdays accumulate into a beautiful drama of the evolving relationship between a teenage girl and her gender-transitioning mother in this award-winning new film from Australia.

LGBT Film/Video Festival: Eytan Fox’s CUPCAKES

October 26

A motley crew of neighbors end up representing their nation in global pop song competition! Pastel colored sets and all sorts of romance and the ebullience of song ensue! Free kosher cupcakes for the first 100 patrons!

67th Student Film & Video Festival

December 12

A juried showcase of the best short films and videos from the pioneering UWM Department of Film, Video, Animation and New Genres.

68th Student Film & Video Festival

May 8, 2015

A juried showcase of the best short films and videos from the pioneering UWM Department of Film, Video, Animation and New Genres.

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